1. Cut the prices of groceries, energy, mobility, housing, and hygiene! Legal/statutory price freeze, corporations must pay, decrease of VAT on groceries, stop the gas surcharge!

2. Decent and affordable housing for all! That‘s why we demand the socialisation of energy companies to ensure and secure the affordability of provision of basic supplies. The housing crisis is escalating. We demand the socialisation of profit-orientated housing corporations. No profits off our rent! Immediate price cap on rents and energy, cessation/termination of the ban/barrier/obstruction on gas and power as well as notices

3. Increase of wages and social benefits! Automatic increase of all social benefits by at least the same amount of the inflation rate – the same goes for minimum wages! Equal accessibility to social benefits for all who live here – regardless of their passport!

4. No profits off our health, energy, housing, or local public transport!Socialisation of all areas of life relevant to society! Abolish case rates; immediate price cap on rent and energy; cessation/termination of the ban/barrier/obstruction of gas and power as well as notices; demand of free public transport

5. Make the rich pay! We demand real taxation of the rich – inheritance tax, wealth tax, and excess profits tax! No more subsidisation the rich and corporations!

6. Climate protection & transition of energy, transport, and heating! We want a reconstruction of all infrastructure towards a climate neutrality, paid by the profits of corporations – not by the common people!

7. International solidarity instead of national isolation! No to the idea of second class refugees, no to playing off the poor against the poorer!

8. Stop the military armament! No to the investment of 100 billions in the army – we demand that this money is invested in social services, education, health, communities, and the socially fair protection of our climate instead!